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Article No.: A63412
Articlename: PLATINblue T-1

PLATINblue T-1

column thermostat, only remote control

A stable column temperature considerably improves reproducibility. This column oven provides for accurate thermostatting from 5 to 80 °C. Its internal volume of valves and cartridges is optimized for low dispersion.
The eluent is equilibrated before reaching the column for improved resolution and sharper peaks. The column effluent is cooled before reaching the detector to minimize noise and drift.
With the RFID column recognition feature for up to six columns simultaneously the PLATINblue T-1 provides most up-to-date GLP compliance. Column thermostat includes accessories. Only remote control.

Technical Data


Heating and cooling system Air circulation
Temperature range 5–80 °C, 41–176 °F
Heating/cooling rate heating rate: 5 °C/min, 41 °F/min in the temperaturerange 15–80 °C, 59–176 °F;? temperature range 15–60 °C,?approx. 5 °C/min; above 60 °C, > 5 °C/min cooling rate: 4 °C/min, 39,2 °F/min temperature range 10–80 °C, 50–176 °F; dependent on the ambient temperature
Temperature stability ± 0.1 °C (32.18 °F)
Eluent preheating Passive tempering; replaceable cartridges 2 µl and 15 µl
Postcolumn cooling Active post-column tempering from 15–35 °C, 59–95 °F; replaceable 2 µl and 30 µl cartridge

Column compartment

Column dimensions Maximum length of columns: 300 mm incl. precolumn Max. number of UHPLC columns: 6 Inner diameter of columns: 10 µm to 8 mm
Dimensions, internal 370 x 85 mm (D x H)
Column protection programmable temperature shut down
Leak sensor Gas sensor for solvent


Digital control and output Ethernet and RS-232

Technical parameters

Special features housing door: opens to the left ; door sensor: door opens up to an angle of 110° RFID: for up to 6 columns, RFID chip in the screw fitting of the column
Ambient conditions temperature range: 4–40 °C; 39.2–104 °F air humidity below 90 % humidity (non-condensing)


Dimensions 211 x 567 x 487 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 22 kg

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