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Online Degasser
Article No.: A5335

2-channel, analytical, solvent resistant

Dissolved gases in the solvent can cause bubbles in the flow path of pumps and detectors. Reliable chromatographic separation therefore requires degassing of the solvent. This small analytical 2-channel degasser is equipped with two degassing chambers and can thus degas two solvents simultaneously. In contrast to other degassers, this degasser is especially suitable for applications with 100 % organic solvent as an eluent, like GPC or Normal Phase Chromatography.

Technical Data

Degasser module

Degasser channels 2
Degasser max. flow rate 10 ml/min
Recommended flow rate 3 ml/min
Degassing method Gas permeation through a fluoropolymere membrane
Degassing chamber volume 480 µl
Solvent applicability universal, especially suitable for 100 % organic solvent
Wetted materials PPS, PTFE, Systec AF TM, stainless steel
Pressure decline 1.37 mm (Hg/ml/min)
Maximum pressure stability 70 psi

Technical parameters

Display 3 LEDs
Ambient conditions temperature range: 4 - 40 °C, 39.2 - 104 °F
air humidity: below 90%, non-condensing


Power supply 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions 73 x 131 x 263 mm (W x H x D)

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