07.12.2017 | KNAUER NEWS

New KNAUER website - provides answers to questions

Around the world we want to deliver a fast search result. Our new website offers a product finder that makes it easy to search online among our 7,000 products using filters. Search is done based on technical data of HPLC components such as columns or pumps. The configuration of HPLC, FPLC or SMB systems is simplified.

KNAUER develops and produces highly specialized analytical technology products in laboratories worldwide. Even if the users are well-trained specialists, orientation guides for product search are often necessary. Since we are a German, medium-sized company, we cannot visit every customer worldwide. Our website offers users many ways to get the information they need: through application examples of many analytes (so-called applications) or access to the method presentation (systems and solutions) and the product finder.

Unfortunately, we cannot have personal conversations with all visitors of our website. But our customers see KNAUER employees online at www.knauer.net

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