01.07.2016 | KNAUER NEWS

New column selection valve for KNAUER AZURA Bio LC systems

KNAUER introduces a new column selection valve that enables the automated selection of five columns and one bypass.

Before, three valves were needed for KNAUER AZURA Bio LC systems to conduct this function. The reverse flow option makes the life of the FPLC user easier. Columns can be rinsed more efficiently by reversing the flow. Moreover, elution of affinity-tagged proteins in reversed flow results in sharper and higher peaks. The product elutes in less volume and can be collected in higher concentration. The new column selection valve can be added easily to many existing KNAUER FPLC systems using the mounting bracket.

The AZURA Bio system is an excellent choice for all FPLC applications. Moreover, KNAUER offers pulsation free pumps, a flexible choice of various detectors to make your sample visible and several valves for a variety of switching tasks.

KNAUER is an ISO 9001 certified company with strict production and process stability for high quality “Made in Germany”.

Learn more about the column selection valve at: http://www.knauer.net/valves

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