Manual 6-port multiposition switching valve

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Article No.: A1363
Articlename: Manual 6-port multiposition switching valve

Manual 6-port multiposition switching valve

stainless steel, 1/8’’, including accessories Switching valves aid in the collection of fractions behind the column, as well as in several other switching functions. The 6-Port Multiposition Switching Valve has 6 ports. The ports are annularly connected over the seventh central port. Only one of the 7 ports can be connected to the central port at a time.

Technical Data

Valve drive

Wetted parts PEEK
Rotor seal material Vespel
Capillary connection 1/16"
Maximum pressure stability 300 bar


Ambient conditions temperature range: 4–40 °C; 39.2–104 °F air humidity below 90 % humidity (non condensing)
Dimensions valve diameter 47.5 mm
Weight 0.36 kg


Function switiching valve
Port number 6-port multiposition

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