19.05.2016 | KNAUER NEWS

KNAUER wins quality award for Berlin-Brandenburg

During the SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016, KNAUER was assigned the quality award for Berlin-Brandenburg.

SWOPS is short for German „StrukturWandelOrientiertePersonalStrategie“, which means to develop a Human Resources (HR) Strategy Oriented Towards Structural Changes. The award ceremony took place at SRH University Berlin near Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin and is under the patronage of Senator Dilek Kolat.

Award winner KNAUER is a middle-sized company has been operating from Berlin for more than 50 years. The Zehlendorf-based company develops, produces, and sales laboratory measuring devices for liquid analysis and downstream processing of agents around the world. Exports account for 65 % of sales.

KNAUER uses any opportunity to further improve the business and be more innovative. As part of the international EU project SWOPS, the company with its ideas took the chance to participate, among others, in process-oriented management workshops. As a consequence, KNAUER decided to compete for the quality award. The application did not only include to fill out an application, but also to conduct a challenging and comprehensive self-evaluation according to a maturity matrix. The self-evaluation was used to reflect current internal processes, management evaluations, and procedures. Managing Director Alexandra Knauer and specialists from Quality & Environmental Management, Human Resources, and other areas, screened more than 25 topics. Each topic, from utilization of resources to cooperation’s with partners, was then evaluated in detail. Afterwards, an independent external evaluator examined KNAUER extensively. The examination was passed with an outstanding result of 96 %, which is “an excellent result” according to laudator Dr. Thomas Rau (RKW Berlin GmbH).

The final event ended with a get together. The attendants actively discussed equal opportunities, staff development, and strategies during this informal exchange.

As award winner, KNAUER is allowed to promote “quality and good service” with a special logo until the end of next year.

Further information on SWOPS: http://website.swops.eu/partner-und-unternehmen/deutschland/

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