12.05.2016 | KNAUER NEWS

KNAUER wins Application Award 2016 for food analysis by LABORPRAXIS magazine at analytica 2016

The Application “Determination of lactose in lactose-free products via HPAEC-PAD” won over the jury of industry experts and technical editors of LABORPRAXIS. 

Not only is the most modern lab equipment crucial for a successful analysis. The right method or application is also an important part for an optimal result. To reflect this, LABORPRAXIS awarded for the first time Application Awards at analytica for the most exciting application in four categories: laboratory technology, biotechnology & pharmaceutical, water & environment and food analysis.

The KNAUER application in the category “Food analysis” has been assessed by a jury of renowned industry experts and the technical editors of LABORPRAXIS and found to be the most innovative and profitable. As a matter of fact, the topic of lactose analysis is highly up-to-date, since the limit of lactose in lactose-free labeled products has been decreased to 10 mg per 100 g product in many European countries the last years, making an HPLC method with low detection limits inevitable for the quality control of these products. The HPLC method shown in the award-winning application presents an HPLC method that easily reaches the required limits of detection (LOD) by using High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography coupled to Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAEC-PAD). Besides lactose, also sucrose and glucose are analyzed to prove the method’s ability to differentiate several sugars.

The award has been handed over by LABORPRAXIS chief editor Marc Platthaus, during a ceremony at analytica 2016 on the evening of May 10th. The KNAUER team sends congratulations to colleagues Mareike Margraf and Dr. Kate Monks for their successful work!

Sensitive analysis of the lactose content of lactose-free labelled products using HPAEC-PAD (Application/English)

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