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KNAUER wins ANTOP 2018 Award

October 31, 2018 - November 2nd, the Analytica China 2018 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. KNAUER attended the exhibition and presented the AZURA Analytical HPLC / UHPLC systems, Prep - LC, FPLC, and the Dosing pumps to the visitors.

At the exhibition, AZURA (U)HPLC won the ANTOP 2018 Award - "Flexible combined (U)HPLC system"  and Dr. Ingo Nickel accepted the award for KNAUER.

KNAUER‘s distributor in China Lumiere Tech Ltd. invited the trade show visitors and introduced them to the KNAUER instruments on display at their booth.


Reason for winning
KNAUER (Berlin, Germany) was the first HPLC manufacturer in Europe. The company is now 56 years in business. KNAUER is one of Europe's leading HPLC brands and is known for providing complete HPLC solutions with reliable technology.

AZURA® (U) HPLC is the next generation of HPLC and UHPLC liquid chromatography systems. The HPLC / UHPLC system has a modular structure and can be freely combined and defined according to user requirements.

The P 6.1L pump unit used in the HPLC / UHPLC systems offers three different grading options: isocratic, binary with high pressure, or quaternary low pressure gradient. Each type of pump can hold 5 ml, 10 ml and 50 ml pump heads. To replace each other, you can perform a UHPLC, HPLC, Prep-HPLC conversion without having to purchase additional pumps in one system, giving you a versatile solution.

The HPLC/UHPLC system offers users UV / VIS and DAD detectors from 190 to 700 nm in the range of 190 to 1000 nm. In addition, a wide range of flow cells id offered for various analytical tasks, e.g. Flameproof for Routine HPLC Analysis, Flow Cells with Optical Conductivity Port for Remote Measurements in Hazardous Environments or High Sensitivity Fiber Optic Flow Cells for UHPLC Analysis

What makes AZURA (U) HPLC unique is:

1. HPLC can be upgraded instantly to UHPLC.

If the system is upgraded from HPLC to UHPLC, you do not need to purchase additional pumps, you just need to replace the pump head. Equip the pressure-resistant 700 bar (10 ml / min max) pump head for analytical HPLC to a highly efficient UHPLC pump head. This pump head gives your HPLC system the resolution, sensitivity and speed for your UHPLC analysis. All upgrades are extremely easy if you use a smaller volume mixer. After a simple training, all parts can be independently replaced by you, and the operation is very simple and does not affect the analytical performance of the system.

2. Analytical HPLC direct conversion to semi-preparative LC

Replacing the 10 ml pumphead  of the AZURA pump with a 50 ml pumphead may result in a semi-preparative LC with a flow rate of up to 40 ml / min, which meets the requirements of your small sample. The HPLC system is dual-use.

3. The AZURA original auxiliary module technology (assistant)

Up to three functional units (e.g. valves, pumps, degasser) can be integrated in one module. This allows the module to perform many different tasks, e.g. a selection of multiple samples or buffer solutions, sample injection, online column chromatography, online SPE and fraction collection. A typical solution for functional integration is for example the online switching of multiple columns in the integration of two valves. Up to 6 columns are supported to meet your needs for different tasks and methods. If two valves and one pump are placed, the pump can be combined and used as an online SPE module for (U) HPLC.

4. The HPLC / UHPLC liquid chromatography system AZURA® is very convenient to maintain

The pump and detector units are designed with direct front access: users can work directly on the pump or detector unit on the front of the module without having to disassemble the module. This facilitates the work progress enormously. The flow path as well as parts and lamps are quick to service and replace, even if the user has no maintenance experience. Simple training is enough to operate and maintain the HPLC / UHPLC system. The maintenance costs can thus be greatly reduced.

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