04.10.2018 | KNAUER NEWS

KNAUER turned 56 and planted a walnut tree

Here is an excerpt from the speech by Alexandra Knauer, Managing Director of KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH:

"We are planting a new walnut tree today, 1 October 2018, the 56th anniversary of the company's birth.

Our large, old walnut tree (90 years old) fell down in a storm last October. Nature conservation has always been important to KNAUER: We have already donated 40 new street trees to the district for KNAUER's 40th birthday. Some of them are standing here in the street and have grown big and strong.

The tree is a symbol of life. Trees grow steadily, they grow older than humans, who after a short period of growth remain in their size. There are hundred-year-old people, but thousand-year-old trees.

Those who plant trees plant confidence.

We do not plant trees just for ourselves, we plant trees for future generations. This tree also stands for renewal. Today we are celebrating the 56th birthday of the company and look to the future with optimism. A company birthday is always a good reason to celebrate. Because it is an impressive testimony to the stability and solidity of a company and thus a real value in today's world. Whether 10, 20, 25, 50 or 56 years old - 75% of all new openings in Germany do not even reach the first stage. We can all be proud of what we have built together. We do not stand still but change and renew ourselves constantly in order to remain successful. "

The birthday party followed the planting of the walnuttree with pumpkin soup and cake. The soup was prepared by KNAUER employees. The pumpkin naturally comes from the company's own garden. 

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