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KNAUER received TOP JOB award 2017

On the 17th of February, the Berlin-based manufacturer of laboratory analytical instruments KNAUER was awarded the TOP JOB Award for the second time as one of the best employers in the middle-sized companies category. The prize was presented by Wolfgang Clement, the former Minister of Economics and patron of TOP JOB, at the AXICA Convention Center near Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Berlin’s mayor, Michael Müller, also took part in the ceremony and praised the important contribution of responsible middle-sized companies for the city of Berlin as a business location. The prize-giving ended with an inspiring exchange among the award-winning professionals and leaders. “We are particularly happy about this award and about the fact that our efforts to improve employment attractiveness have gone down well with our employees,” reported KAUER’s pleased HR-manager, Katharina Pohl.

The basis of the evaluation is an employee survey under the scientific supervision of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The results allow a benchmarking which helps the participating companies not only to compare themselves to other companies, but also to discover potential for change. The ideas and proposals that arise out of such a process and event will indeed come to benefit the employees sooner or later. Because even if KNAUER has yet again won the TOP JOB award, the company leadership is determined to stay the course, always keeping an eye to the needs of the employees and their working conditions. Since an attractive work place is not only important when searching for qualified professionals, but also motivating current employees to do their best.

In order to create innovative and successful products for the lab industry, a company like KNAUER needs far more than a good qualification and the right tools. “The work environment has to be right and that is one of my most important tasks,” says the company head, Alexandra Knauer who shows with this type of determination what kind of cooperate responsibility she cares about.

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH is a German family owned business founded in 1962 that develops, produces and exports high-end laboratory instruments worldwide. The main pillar of the company is chromatography instruments with which dissolved substances can be separated. This technology may not only be utilized for the sensitive analysis of food and environmental samples, but also for the purification of high grade pharmaceuticals. Even the extraction of fine chemical products is possible through this method. As a certified ISO 9001 and 14001 company, KNAUER continuously strives for innovation and has already won more than twenty prizes in this field to date.

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