19.09.2017 | KNAUER NEWS

KNAUER organizes the Zehlendorf charity run for the second time – outstanding donation result

On Monday 2017/09/11, around 300 cheerful runners from six Zehlendorf companies, the 4b class of Buschgraben elementary school and several african inhabitants from the accomodation center of Hohentwielsteig gathered for a charity run. Under the motto „All for water, water for all“, they collected over 7.000 Euro by foot.

Clean water and a basic understanding for hygiene are taken for granted by us, but for more as one billion people, it seems just as a dream to open the water tap to drink from it. Therefore, the collected money will be donated to the association VIVA CON AGUA DE SANKT PAULI e.V.. The association collects with its WASH programs (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) money for the supply of clean drinking water, for sanitary systems and for the organization of hygiene trainings. With the financial help of the charity run, several elementary schools in Nepal are finally equipped with toilets.

Every year, the laboratory equipment manufacturer KNAUER organizes a so-called Social Day where coworkers can participate for a good cause. The participation was impressive; the companies from the industrial park of Hegauer Weg and Hohentwielsteig confirmed their participation happily once more and used the opportunity to start a joint conversation in the fresh air.Bout how does a charity run work?For every 750 m long lap, the Zehlendorf company CEOs donated a predetermined sum of several Euros. A time span of one hour was provided. The total amount of laps determined the amount of the donation of each company. Runners and walkers gave their best and accumulated remarkable 1204 total laps, which correlates with the distance of Berlin to Vilnius (Lithuania).

„I am impressed once again about the high commitment and drive of all fellow campaigners which ran along for the good cause. I was especially pleased with the participation of the runners from the accomodation center. They were fast and ran until the end. The atmosphere was great and everyone was happy and satisfied after the effort. I am proud that KNAUER started this action with so much success. It is important that we as a company think outside the box and do something together to help children, in this case children in Nepal“, Alexandra Knauer reports, CEO of KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH.

Next to KNAUER, the companies HACH LANGE GmbH, MTS Systems GmbH, KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH, PENTA Gebäudeservice GmbH, Detlef Janke Galvanik and inhabitants from the accomodation center participated in this action. In addition, the sports club berlinTRAINING took care for a cheerful warm-up with rhythmic music. P. Erler (supermarket EDEKA) sponsered the runners from Buschgraben elementary school and treated apples and bananas for all runners.

The Social Day was worth it for everyone: The donations amount to 7.000 Euros!

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