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Article No.: A46019
Articlename: AZURA System for column screening

HPLC system for column screening

Automated selection of up to 6 columns

This system features an AZURA P 6.1L LPG pump, an Autosampler AS 6.1L, a column thermostat CT 2.1, a DAD 2.1L UV/VIS detector with 8-variable UV measuring channels from 190 - 700 nm and optionally a refractive index detector RID 2.1L with an outstanding linear range and sensitivity. Additionally, a column switching module is integrated for automated column screening.

It is the standard HPLC system with a backpressure range of up to 860 bar. It perfectly fits the demanding needs of a method development system, as well as the robust fitness of a routine analysis machine.

Technical Data

Analytical system

Application area HPLC
Pump system Gradient
Gradient Quarternary LPG
Injection Autosampler
Detector Diode array detection DAD, Refractive index detection RI
Software ClarityChrom
Pressure 862 bar
Column thermostat Yes

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