HPLC system for automated LC column testing

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Article No.: A46024
Articlename: AZURA LC Column Test System

HPLC system for automated LC column testing

Automated testing of up to 8 columns

The basic system configuration consists of an isocratic pump, an autosampler, a column selection assistant and a variable single wavelength UV detector as well as the customizable chromatography software including the column test option.


Quality control of analytical and preparative HPLC columns as well as FPLC columns is a crucial step for column manufacturers or facilities which strongly rely on liquid chromatography like contract laboratories. Inspecting one column after another is work-intensive and time-consuming and therefore target for automation. Once started, the automated column testing requires no further support. For overnight measurements, results are available the next morning. Alternatively, column tests can be performed continuously. Columns that have already been examined can be removed during the test process and exchanged for new, untested columns.


After the quality test, a test certificate displaying the column and method specifications, the chromatogram and the result table is generated for each column. The design and content of the column test report can be customized. An easily editable parameter list manages the specifications and test methods of several thousand columns, so that the right method for a column test can easily be chosen via the column specification. An intelligent search allows a quick selection of the desired column in the software. For a fast and intuitive operation, the column test option features an own user interface. The number of clicks to setup the test sequence has been reduced to a minimum.


The hardware as well as the software is flexible allowing different system layouts. Depending on the column specifications, a high pressure, a biocompatible or a high flow rate system variant are available. Even the number of columns to be tested can be adapted depending on the size of the columns. The default system processes up to 8 columns. For smaller columns a system layout for 16 columns is feasible. 


The LC Column Test System assures the quality of HPLC/FPLC columns at a minimum time and effort and is recommended for users that test LC columns regularly. Therefore, it is tailor-made for LC column manufacturers and any lab working with high-throughput column testing.

Key Features

Technical Data

Analytical system

Application area HPLC
Pump system Isocratic
Gradient None
Injection Autosampler
Detector Variable multiwavelength detection UV/VIS
Software Mobile Control
Pressure 862 bar
Column thermostat No

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