How to deal with an irregular baseline noise?



a.) Leak.

Solution: Check system for loose fittings. Check pump for leaks, salt build-up and unusual noises. Change pump seals if necessary.

b.) Gradient mode: Mobile phase contaminated, deteriorated or prepared from low quality materials.

Solution: Check make-up of mobile phase.

c.) Detector electronics.

Solution: Isolate detector electronically. Refer to instruction manual to correct problem.

d.) Air trapped in system.

Solution: Flush system with strong solvent.

e.) Air bubbles in detector.

Solution: Purge detector. Install back pressure device after detector. Check the instrument manual, particularly for RI detectors. Excessive backpressure can cause the flow cell to crack.

f.) Detector cell contaminated. (Even small amounts of contaminants can cause noises.)

Solution: Clean cell.

g.) Weak detector lamp.

Solution: Replace lamp.

h.) Column leaking packing material.

Solution: Replace column and clean the system.

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