HILIC - Sugars and fructooligosaccharide analysis

Application No.: VTN0009

HILIC - Sugars and fructooligosaccharide analysis

The determination of carbohydrates can sometimes be challenging. Not all columns are able to separate monomers, dimers, and oligomers at the same time. The KNAUER Eurospher II Amino (NH2) phase applied in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) mode can solve this task. Even carbohydrates with a high degree of polymerization (DP) can be separated.

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Method HPLC
Substances glucose, sucrose, 1-kestose, glycerol, 1,1-kestotetraose, 1,1,1-kestopentaose, carbohydrates from DP3 to DP17
Key words HILIC, NH2, carbohydrates, sugar, FOS, fructooligosaccharides, bacterial inulosucrase, inulin-type FOS
Version 1/10-2020

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