GPC column Bio-Beads S-X3, 580 x 25 mm

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Article No.: B41
Articlename: GPC column Bio-Beads S-X3, 580 x 25 mm

GPC column Bio-Beads S-X3, 580 x 25 mm

Suitable for:

US EPA SW-846 Method 3640A

DFG S19-Method


Styrene divinylbenzene beads for size limit chromatography, 3% crosslinkage, 40–80 µm bead size, ≤2,000 MW limit


Bio-Beads S-X beads are a series of porous crosslinked polystyrene polymers used for gel permeation separations of lipophilic polymers and low molecular weight, hydrophobic materials in the presence of organic solvents. These nonaqueous spherical beads are used in much the same way aqueous gels are used, except that they are swollen with organic solvents during the separation.

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand Bio-Beads S-X3
Base material porous crosslinked polystyrene polymer
Particle size 40–80 µm
Pore size 3% cross linkage
Length [mm] 580 mm
Inner diameter [mm] 25 mm
Pressure rating max. 12 bar

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