15.01.2018 | KNAUER NEWS

GPC Cleanup system is "The Innovators 2017" product

The Analytical Scientist selected the AZURA® GPC Cleanup system for "The Innovators 2017" product. KNAUER is proud that the GPC Cleanup System is recognized and rewarded.

The AZURA® GPC Cleanup system automates work-intensive and time-consuming cleanup tasks based on gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The award winnning software solution "Mobile control" was developed in Berlin after our scientist detected a major handling problem in the lab. Based on the wish that the remote control and monitoring of a lab system needs to be easier, Mobile Control® was developed. The advantage of a touchscreen-optimized user interface for all lab devices. Sample preparation with gel permeation chromatography as basic technique can also be controlled via the portable and touch-optimized software Mobile Control®.

KNAUER produces liquid chromatography devices for analytical and preparative HPLC, osmometers and high-end chromatography systems for SMB and FPLC. Together with scientists in the laboratory, KNAUER develops innovative and individual solutions. The company has always set itself the goal of offering scientists the best tools for their research tasks.


Specialist global magazine ’’The Analytical Scientist’’ (from UK-based Texere Publishing) has seen great success since its inception in 2013. It differs from other trade journals because it focuses not only on the science, but also on the impact, as well as the people and stories behind developments in the field.


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