Eurospher II RP analytical Column Kit 3 µm: C18, C18H, C18A in 100 x 3 mm column

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Article No.: A66100RP
Articlename: Eurospher II RP analytical Column Kit 3 µm: C18, C18H, C18A in 100 x 3 mm column

Eurospher II RP analytical Column Kit 3 µm: C18, C18H, C18A in 100 x 3 mm column

for method development

Eurospher II HPLC column kit for method development in RP mode:

3 columns with the modifications C18, C18H, C18A for a wide range of reversed phase selectivities.

C18: Classical Reversed Phase columns for HPLC and UHPLC 
Most often used stationary phase in reversed phase mode. Silica gel based columns with C18 modification are available with or without endcapping. Classically endcapped phases are slightly more hydrophobic and unpolar than the not endcapped phases.
C18 columns are ideally used for acidic, basic and neutral analytes in reversed phase mode

C18 A or AQ: Columns for polar reversed phase applications with 100 % aqueous mobile phase
C18 stationary phase for the analysis of more polar and hydrophilic compounds in reversed phase mode (USP L1). Silica gel based columns with C18 modification with hydrophilic endcapping. Because of their modification, C18A or C18 aq phases can be operated under 100 % aqueous conditions without destroying the stationary phase, what is not recommended for classical C18 phases caused by their hydrophobicity.

C18 H: Columns for more unpolar analytes in Reversed Phase
C18 stationary phase with a special, high efficiency or polymeric unpolar endcapping style. Because of the high carbon content and the protection of the Silica gel these materials are also suited for the use of mobile phase in an extended pH range from typically pH 1-12.
While a high endcapped C18 phase is characterized mostly by the high carbon content, a polymeric endcapped phase also provides an increased steric selectivity.

Dimension 100 x 3 mm ID, 3 µm particles

Recommended for HPLC Plus systems with 700 bar maximum backpressure

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand Eurospher II
Particle size 3 µm
Pore size 100 Å
USP code L1
Length [mm] 100 mm
Inner diameter [mm] 3 mm
Connection 1/16"
Pore volume 0.8 ml/g
Metal content < 10 ppm
Density 430 g/l
Temperature range up to 40°C (up to 50 °C short term)
Specific surface area 320 ± 20 m²/g

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