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Article No.: AZB01
Articlename: Ethernet Eventbox

Ethernet Eventbox

for 12 digital inputs and outputs each , incl. 24V power supply

The Ethernet Eventbox offers interfaces for 12 digital inputs and outputs each. These can be used to control the events of the KNAUER devices via the pin header on the back of the device housing or to process sensor signals such as from air sensors. The incoming and outgoing signals can be controlled and programmed only via the PurityChrom (version higher than 5.9.135) and PurityChrom MCC Plus (version 5.10.014 and higher).

The scope of delivery includes a power cable and a network cable. To integrate the signals, you will also need the following connection cables, depending on the desired use:

  • Cable for event input (M3 plug three-pin, 5m long, open ends with ferrules) - AZB01-01
  • Cable for event output (hollow plug 2.5mm two-pole, 3m long, open ends with ferrules) - AZB01-02
  • Cable for connecting an air sensor - AZB01-03


Please be aware that the Ethernet Eventbox only supports the following signals:

  • Contact closure: Open contact = input inactive / closed contact = input active
  • TTL level: 5 Volts = input inactive / 0 volts = input active
  • 0 / 24 Volts: 24 Volts = Input Inactive / 0 Volt = Input active

Key Features

Technical Data


Analog inputs none
Analog outputs none
Digital inputs 12 (M8 sockets, SAL-8, 3-pole)
Digital outputs 12 (hollow sockets, AD 5,5 mm , ID 2,5 mm, max. Switching capacity: 60 V/DC, 125 V/AC, 1 A)


Power supply power supply cable included
Dimensions 11,5 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm (Height x width x depth)
Weight 2.8 kg

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