Error message: no license available



The software always shows an error, that no license is available. The OpenLAB Control Panel shows a valid license. Before adding the license, the software runs well with the 60-day startup license.

There are 4 known causes, why this may happen:
1. For OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition A.02.01/A.04.06 at least Update 1 must be installed; otherwise the license will not been recognized. Check the KNAUER OpenLAB driver installation disk, the required update can be found there.
2. If you create a license in your SubscribeNet account for a workstation installation, you must not enter the computer name in the corresponding form. Either leave this field empty (recommended by KNAUER) or only enter localhost as name. If any other name will be entered, the license will not work. Unfortunately, this information is missing on the licensing webpage.
3. The OpenLAB license is bound to the MAC address of a network adapter of the computer. If your computer is equipped with more than one network adapter (more than one network card, wireless LAN, cellular phone network), OpenLAB may not show the correct MAC address. The license permanently only works, if it is created for the MAC address of the network card for the chromatographic system. KNAUER recommends to check the available network adapters in the Windows Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center; there click on the link Change adapter settings on the left side. All of the installed network adapters will be shown. In the properties of a network adapter the MAC address will be shown.
4. In very rare cases the Agilent OpenLAB Instrument Server is stopped. This service is necessary for opening an instrument. To check if the service runs, open the Windows Task Manager, select the tab “Services” and click on the button <Services…> in the bottom of the window. In the list of available services check, if the status of the service Agilent OpenLAB Instrument Server is on “Started”. If not, start it; the Startup type should be set on “Automatic”.

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