Display software for AZURA devices without data acquisition incl. tablet

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Article No.: A9607
Articlename: Mobile Control with tablet

Display software for AZURA devices without data acquisition incl. tablet

Intuitive and cost-effective software solution as device display and for device control

The Mobile Control is an intuitive and cost-effective software solution for controlling and monitoring your AZURA devices and systems. The clear system overview provides instant information on key parameters and system status. Adjust and operate single devices or even whole systems with a few fingertips. The well-structured block programming assists you to clearly and quickly automate device control. A smart user management makes the Mobile Control safe. Device parameters can only be changed by authorized operators.
The automated check of GLP data helps you avoid problems and unexpected downtime as well as to plan maintenance controls. With the hand-held Mobile Control option, you can check your system remotely, allowing you to oversee multiple systems from the comfort of your office. Alternatively, you can install the Mobile Control directly on your Laptop or PC.
Free updates enable you to take advantage of new devices and features as soon as they are released with no extra cost. Your Mobile Control license can be easily upgraded to Mobile Control Chrom with data acquisition. With Mobile Control you have always full access to AZURA devices.

Take a demo tour with virtual devices or test full features with the 5-day trial option. You will find the software installers in the Downloads section below.


Technical Data


Software name Mobile Control - display software for AZURA devices without data acquisition
Operating system Windows 10
Software version Mobile Control v5.5.36, Data Viewer v3.5.37
Supported instruments Consider release notes (downloads below)
Field of application Display software, device control


Stand-alone yes
Multi-user environment yes
Report functions yes
Special features with tablet and mount

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