Discontinued: Smartline Manager 5050

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Article No.: A5332
Articlename: Discontinued: Smartline Manager 5050

Discontinued: Smartline Manager 5050

Designed as an extension for the Smartline Pump 1050, the Smartline Manager 5050 adds quaternary gradient functionality by means of four precisely controlled eluent proportioning valves and a high efficiency 4-channel degasser. The Manager 5050 can also be optionally equipped with an A/D-D/A interface for integration of third-party equipment into your Smartline HPLC system. The Smartline Manager 5050 (A5332) with interface and degasser module, analytical, including accessories.

Technical Data

Degasser module

Degasser channels 4
Max. flow rate/channel up to 10 ml/min
Degassing method gas permeation through Teflon® AF amorphous fluoropolymer membrane
Degassing efficiency < 0.5 ppm dissolved O² at 1 ml/min
Degassing chamber volume 285 µl per channel
Solvent applicability universal, except fluorinated hydrocarbons
Wetted materials PEEK, Tefzel®, Teflon® AF
Vacuum chamber polypropylene and PEEK
Vacuum pump low hysteresis operation > 6.2 kPa : 400 cycles/min; < 6.2 kPa : 60 cycles/min
Chamber material polypropylene and stainless steel


A/D-D/A interface 24 bit
Analog inputs 4 x multiplexed, bipolar, differential, 24 bit resolution, maximum input range: ± 2.56 V, programmable by software (same setting for all channels), data acquisition rate: 1 Hz –10 Hz
Data acquisition rate 1–10 Hz
Analog outputs 4 x single ended unipolar, output range: 0 to +10 V, 12 bit resolution, 2.5 mV steps
Digital inputs 4 inputs, grounded contact or TTL/CMOS or TTL/Open collector compatible
Digital outputs 4 outputs, single pole double throw (SPDT) electromechanical relays

Technical parameters

Ambient conditions temperature range: 4–40 °C; 39.2–104 °F air humidity: below 90 % humidity (non condensing)


Power supply via Smartline Pump 1050
Dimensions 226 x 135 x 410 mm (W x H x D)
Weight max. 4.8 kg

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