12.06.2017 | KNAUER NEWS

Digitization is revolutionizing professional training

Since May 1st, 2017, KNAUER is a partner in the project "Media Competency in Digitization - A New Agile Learning Culture for Vocational Qualification" (MeDiAL-4Q).

The Berlin-based manufacturer of laboratory instruments supports the development of new qualification concepts for problem-oriented, media-based learning in the work process and in application training.

KNAUER offers complex products and services that require explanation. Therefore, the knowledge transfer is crucial both internally and externally for the design and definition of tailor-made solutions. Employees need continuous know-how transfer, customers must be quickly be able to reproduce in their laboratory the same good results as developed by the the manufacturer. In order to support the increased demands on flexibility and speed of implementation with new training formats, KNAUER will use an interdisciplinary project team over the next three years, which will accompany and actively shape a prototypical implementation of agile learning culture within the company.

In cooperation with the Beuth University of Technology, the GITTA Society for Interdisciplinary Technology Research, Technology Consulting and Work Design, the Chair for Economic Psychology of Leuphana University, the BAUAKADEMIE - Consulting Education and Development GmbH, the InVivo BioTech Services GmbH and MAN Turbo & Diesel SE Augsburg, KNAUER is working on the goal of developing and establishing a prototypical digital training concept for a complex product range. This is to replace the classic analogue form of manuals, documentation and information material by a new digital concept.

’’It is a major challenge to prepare and communicate complex knowledge in the context of our products so that learners can remember the information in a sustainable way. We want to make progress in this area and are therefore looking forward to participating in this project”, says Managing Director Alexandra Knauer.

The tools developed during the project will be flexible and scalable. This allows future developments to be targeted, which helps strengthening profitability. In the medium term, the concept will be further developed by the KNAUER specialists in order to extend the use of the developed work-related innovative learning methods and digital media into the target group of customers and users in the long term.

The project ’’Media Competency in Digitization - A New Agile Learning Culture for Vocational Qualification’’ (MeDiAL-4Q) is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund within the framework of the ’’Digital Media in Vocational Education and Training’’ program.

About KNAUER: The Berlin-based manufacturer of scientific instruments is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year. KNAUER’s main focus lies on liquid chromatography instruments, which are used to separate substances in solution. This technique can be used, e.g. for analyzing pesticide residues in environmental samples or for determining the lactose content in ’’lactose-free’’ labeled food samples. In an up-scaled version, liquid chromatography can also be used for purification tasks such as cleaning valuable pharmaceutical active ingredients or sensitive natural products, which are required in very high purity.

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