Determination of Preservatives in Foodstuffs and Cosmetics

Application No.: VFD0003J

Determination of Preservatives in Foodstuffs and Cosmetics

Preservatives in food and cosmetics are added to prevent any alteration or degration caused by the microbial contamination and to protect the health of consumers. The common preservatives that have been widely used in cosmetics and foodstuffs are parabens or esters of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances Sorbic acid, Benzoic acid, para hydroxybenzoic acid (PHB), Methylparaben (PHB-meth), Ethylparaben (PHB-eth), Propylparaben (PHB-prop), Butylparaben (PHB-butyl), 2-Methoxybenzoic acid (IS)
Key words Preservatives, foodstuff, cosmetics, Sorbic acid, benzoic acid, para hydroxybenzoic acid (PHB), methylparaben (PHB-meth), ethylparaben (PHB-eth), propylparaben (PHB-prop), butylparaben (PHB-butyl), 2-methoxybenzoic acid (IS)
CAS number 99-96-7, 579-75-9, 65-85-0, 110-44-1, 99-76-3, 120-47-8, 94-13-3, 94-26-8

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