Determination of Ketones as DNPH Derivates

Application No.: VEV0018J

Determination of Ketones as DNPH Derivates

In the monitoring of industrial air, the determination of carbonyl (aldehyde and ketone) emissions is crucial to prevent respiratory, pulmonological, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances DNPH derivates of Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, Propionaldehyde, Acetone, Butyraldehyde, Methacrolein, Methyl ethyl ketone, Pentanone, Cyclohexanone
Key words Aldehydes, Ketones , Carbonyl compounds, VOC´s , Air pollutants, DNPH, DNPH derivatives
CAS number 815-24-7 , 107-87-9, 591-78-6, 110-43-0, 111-13-7, 821-55-6, 693-54-9, 12-12-9, 6175-49-1, 593-08-8, 18787-63-8

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