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Article No.: ADG30
Articlename: AZURA CM 2.1S without flow cell

Conductivity monitor with optional pH measurement

Main unit for parallel conductivity and pH monitoring

The AZURA CM 2.1S is a reliable conductivity monitor which is usually utilized in FPLC to follow salt gradients. By adding a pH sensor also pH values can be measured.

The contactless measurements of conductivity reduces the risk of carryover to a minimum and makes the device easy to maintain. The fully biocompatible flow cells cover a flow rate of up to 100 ml/min. Choose between ADG30GC and ADG30GD for a CM 2.1S with ready to measure flow cells for either 10 or 100 ml/min maximum flow.


Technical Data

Flow cell

Flow cell type Contactless conductivity flow cell
Biocompatible Yes
Connection of flow cell Female 10-32" UNF or M8x1 thread (PEEK) – both included in shipment
Capillary connection 1/16" or 1/8" – both included in shipment
Wetted materials PEEK


Detector type Conductivity monitor
Measurement accuracy Conductivity: ± 2 % full scale value (0.1 - 300 mS/cm), ± 5 % full scale value (300 - 999 mS/cm)
Temperature: ± 1.0°C
pH 2 - 12: ± 0.2 pH (15 - 25°C), ± 0.5 pH (4 - 40°C)
Measurement range Conductivity: 0.1 - 999 mS/cm
pH: 0 - 14
Linearity Conductivity: ± 1 % full scale value (0.1 - 300 mS/cm), ± 1 % full scale value (300 - 999 mS/cm)
pH measurement Optionally
Maximum data rate 5 Hz
Supported electrodes All pH electrodes with BNC connector and a voltage output of maximal ± 500 mV


Analog outputs 2 channels (conductivity and pH value – not active if remote controlled by software)
DAC 18 bit
Digital outputs LAN; RS-232

Technical parameters

GLP Electronic serial number
Display LCD, 2 x 8 characters
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: 4 – 40°C, 39,2 – 104 °F
Relative humidity: below 90 %, non condensing


Power supply 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, max. 20 W
Dimensions 121 x 129 x 187 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 3.2 kg

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