ClarityChrom 8.7 - Knauer FRC control module for preparative chromatography

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Article No.: A1682
Articlename: ClarityChrom 8.7 - Knauer FRC control module for preparative chromatography

ClarityChrom 8.7 - Knauer FRC control module for preparative chromatography

adds Knauer fraction collector control module for preparative chromatography

The Knauer FRC control module for ClarityChrom adds the drivers of several fraction collectors and supports the peak recognition by level and/or slope as well as fractionation by time. Also more advanced functionality as solvent recycling, manual fractionation and rack view with detailed fraction information and chromatogram links are available. The functionality corresponds exactly to the KNAUER preparative functionality of discontinued ClarityChromPrep.


In the fraction collector configuration the delay and the fraction vial volume can be defined. This ensures that the target substance will be collected in the fraction vial and the fraction vial will not overflow. Also sovent recycling with an additional KNAUER valve drive is possible. If a KNAUER valve is used for fractionation, an own port of the fractionation valve can be used for solvent recycling. Peak recycling is not supported.

If a chromatogram of your separation already exists, the required fractionation commands can be derived directly from the chromatogram with a double mouse-click.

The rack view gives an overview of all collected fractions, their volume and the retention time of the collected peaks. It also includes links to the chromatograms of the fractions; with a double mouse-click on the fraction in the rack view the matching chromatogram will be opened in the chromatogram window.

The manual fraction control, the option to use the KNAUER electric valves for fractionation and mass-triggered fractionation with the supported QUAD-MS gives you more flexibility. If required, up to 32 KNAUER valves can be cascaded in one KNAUER MultiValve fraction collector to expand the number of fraction positions.

The combination of virtual detector and virtual fraction collector allows for optimizing the fractionation settings from an existing chromatogram of your separations without any physically existing device and, therefore, without the loss of solvent or target substance.

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