ClarityChrom 8.2.3 Upgrade

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Article No.: A1681
Articlename: ClarityChrom 8.2.3 Upgrade

ClarityChrom 8.2.3 Upgrade

Upgrade from any former version of ClarityChrom to the latest version ClarityChrom 8.1

Upgrade from any ClarityChrom to ClarityChrom 8.1. This  upgrade also covers all control modules, extensions and Offline licenses, sold for the ClarityChrom license which should be upgraded. In your order always include your dongle serial number.

If a ClarityChromPrep should be upgraded, order part number A1687.

Technical Data


Software name ClarityChrom
System architecture 32-bit CDS
Operating system Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista SP2, all 32- and 64-bit

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