ClarityChrom 8.7 - Educational license

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Article No.: A1672
Articlename: ClarityChrom 8.7 - Educational license

ClarityChrom 8.7 - Educational license

Educational System license for one system

ClarityChrom is an easy-to-use Chromatography Data System for workstations. The Educational System license is exclusively bundeled with the AZURA Educational System and features:

  • a single instrument license,
  • an HPLC control module (no autosampler control), and
  • two offline licenses to evaluate data on two additional PCs

The license cannot be upgraded with additional options, as autosampler, PDA, SST or FRC extensions.

Technical Data


Software name ClarityChrom
System architecture 32-bit CDS
Operating system Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, all 32- and 64-bit


Stand-alone Workstation version, 1 system controlled by one computer, no extensions
Client/server No Client/Server functionality
Multi-user environment Selectable system of user accounts with independently customizable behavior and appearance for individual users
Network environment Easy offline data sharing (at the file level) among all stations in a local network
Fields of application Analytical HPLC
Supported instruments All Knauer devices except autosamplers are supported, driver for devices from many other manufacturers are available
Instrument connection Supports RS-232, Ethernet, PCI interface card, A/D-D/A interface
Recommended PC hardware Pentium 2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB free hard disk space, separate graphics card if one PC should control more than one system, USB for dongle, connectors as LAN, RS-232 etc. for device control
Graphics capabilities Multiple chromatogramm view and overlay
Integration 27 integration parameters (peak width, threshold, tangent slope ratio etc.) integration parameters programmable in time, automatic re-integration
Calculation types with/without calibration (int./ext. standard method)
Security and GLP Installation qualification test of the software; FDA 21 CFR Part 11 conformance, validation with virtual detector
Instrument control method-based instrument control, Instrument status display and Direct-Control mode,
Calibration 6 types of calibration curves, up to 20 levels, reference peaks, groups, unlimited number of standards (peaks), LOD, LOQ
Chromatogram operations Overlay view, custom labels and settings, also applying mathematical operations to chromatograms
Automation Sequences, automatic launch of selected commands or applications immediately following chromatogram acquisition – Post run, Batch
Presentation of results Integrated customizable table of results, columns with userdefined calculation, summary table, and export in text or database format
Calculations Custom: 12 predefined mathematical operators, 15 basic and 4 summary functions, special: Kovats indexes for GC, determination of noise/drift, performance calculations
Data import and export ASCII, AIA, dBase

Additional options/extensions

Note only for educational systems; no autosampler control included; cannot be extended with other modules

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