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Chromatography industry meeting of the Berlin Brandenburg region was a great success

More than 50 users, technology visionaries and laboratory experts met on Monday, September 30, 2019 for a regional chromatography industry meeting in Berlin Zehlendorf to discuss opportunities and challenges of this analytical laboratory technology.

Chromatography is one of the most important analysis methods of today and is used for such diverse tasks as, for example, the analysis of environmental samples and foods for pollutants, the analysis in manufacturing processes as well as for tests and determinations in the clinical laboratory or scientific research.

The cluster HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg had invited to the event in cooperation with the Berlin based laboratory instrument manufacturer KNAUER, in whose premises the all-day meeting took place.

"The aim of the event is to strengthen the networking of interested parties from the field of analytical liquid chromatography in Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond, in order to find starting points for new cooperations and to initiate new projects or networks," said Dr. Christine Mißler. She is Field Manager for Biotech | Pharma of the cluster HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg.

Lecturers from universities, research institutes, official laboratories and technology companies in the region presented their fields of work and current issues and then discussed them with all participants in an extensive "Meet & Greet".

The morning session covered topics ranging from health-related topics such as the investigation of synthesized polysaccharides for vaccines, the use of analytical HPLC in natural-based cancer drug discovery, a critically stimulating presentation on the development of the chromatography industry, as well as issues related to food inspection.

After a tour of the factory and a lunch break, the range of topics was even wider in the afternoon, when seven speakers had the opportunity to present their activities in 10-minute short presentations.

In this session the subjects ranged from theoretical modelling in HPLC method development or in bioprocessing, the separation of biosubstances, new separation materials or new technologies to modify existing separation materials, to requirements for smart laboratory equipment in connection  with artificial intelligence and digitization.

"From my point of view, this chromatography industry meeting was a great success, because the diversity of topics not just enabled a look outside the box and provided inspiration. It also brought together like-minded people from the region, who had never known each other before," says Anke Bördgen, Head of Product Management and Marketing at KNAUER.

The participants expressed their interest in holding the event on a regular basis, possibly with changing focuses on chromatography. Interested parties are welcome to contact the cluster HealthCapital, Dr. Anna-Katharina Stumpf (anna-katharina.stumpf@berlin-partner.de).

The HealthCapital cluster management supports and connects players from industry, science, healthcare and politics. The cluster management's task is to implement the Health Region Master Plan of the governments of Berlin and Brandenburg and to further develop the region internationally into a leading centre for health economy and life sciences. More about HealthCapital at www.healthcapital.de

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