20.01.2022 | 16:00 - 18:30 | Worldwide

BioBilanz - Biotech vs. SARS-CoV-2

A review of Biotech vs. Covid

The Covid 19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the important role biotechnology plays in the modern world. While combating coronavirus remains a challenge, it would be much more difficult without innovations in testing, such as lateral flow assays and PCR technology, the development of new antiretroviral drugs, or the scientific breakthrough of mRNA vaccines. 

To recognize and discuss these efforts and breakthroughs made in Biotech, Berlin's Gesundheitswirtschaft Cluster, Health Capital, and the Biotechnologieverbund Berlin Brandenburg are holding a live online discussion over the role biotechnology has played in fighting covid-19.

Because of our role in the production of mRNA vaccines, with our Impingment Jets Mixing Skids being used for the encapsulation of mRNA within lipid nanoparticles - a key step in ensuring vaccine efficacy, KNAUER has been invited to take part.

One of our IJM Experts, Dr. Matthias Lübbert, will be representing us to give a talk (in German) titled "IJM-Skids for the Lipid Encapsulation of mRNA: A required step in the production of mRNA vaccines

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