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Article No.: A49031
Articlename: AZURA Bio Compact AC system

Bio Purification System for AC, Lab standard

For affinity chromatography up to 50 ml/min

The AZURA® Bio compact AC system qualifies for fast and reliable affinity chromatography. The system offers outstanding performance and ease of use thanks to its compact design and user-friendly FPLC software PurityChrom®. Select your sample, your washing and elution buffer using the inlet valve. Your proteins of interest are detected by UV and automatically collected via the fractionation valve. Pre-designed methods and cleaning steps are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume.

Key Features

  • Automatic inlet valve for up to 8 buffers or samples
  • Outlet valve (16 ports) for fractionation
  • Flow rate: 0.01 - 50 ml/min; 1 - 40 ml/min (recommended) 
  • Variable single wavelength UV-detector (190 - 500 nm)
  • Columns from all venders can be used
  • Purity Chrom® software
  • Maximum system pressure: 50 bar

Technical Data

System specification

Purification simple, routine
Application affinity chromatography
Gradient No
Flow rate 50 ml/min

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