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Article No.: A46017
Articlename: AZURA® HPLC-ECD system for HPAEC-PAD applications

HPLC-ECD system for HPAEC-PAD applications

Highly sensitive analytical system with electrochemical detector

This dedicated system is specifically designed for the analysis of sugars coupled to a pulsed amperometric detector (PAD).

Carbohydrates are important in the manufacture of many foods, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. This dedicated system is specially designed to separate and analyze carbohydrates. The heart of this system is the AZURA ECD 2.1 electrochemical detector. This detector enables the detection of the smallest amounts of carbohydrates due to its extraordinary sensitivity and comes with an integrated column thermostat. In combination with the SenCell Au HyREF flow cell carbohydrates can be detected by pulsed amperometry. More systems components are the AZURA P 6.1L pump in its bio-inert LPG version and the AZURA AS 6.1L bio-inert autosampler. Therefore, an interesting application is the analysis of wood sugars and uronic acids for biofuel research.


Technical Data

Analytical system

Application area HPLC
Pump system Gradient
Gradient Quarternary LPG
Injection Autosampler
Detector Electrochemical detection ECD
Software ClarityChrom
Pressure 700 bar
Column thermostat Yes

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