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AZURA® Bio Purification System - FPLC special system offer
Article No.: A49023

Special system for Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC)

The promotion system 2018 is a gradient system for more complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale.

It is designed and optimized for ion exchange chromatography. The system proposal consists of a biocompatible buffer pump equipped with two pump heads to perform a gradient between two buffers. Monitor your gradient over the whole run using the conductivity monitor. Inject your sample via the injection valve and detect your substances using the integrated single wavelength UV detector. 

The fraction collector collects your purified fractions reliably. The system is controlled via user friendly FPLC software PurityChrom®. This software offers a high flexibility in method development and provides you with complete control over your run. Pre-designed methods are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume.



Special FPLC system offer - Contact us!

Offer valid until December 31st, 2018

Key Features

Technical Data

System specification

Purification complex, challenging
Application ion-exchange chromatography
Gradient Yes
Flow rate 50 ml/min

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