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AZURA® Bio purification 50 - Two Step Purification System
Article No.: 862113122-TwoStep

Automate your purification

Automate your purification and safe time and resources. AZURA Bio purification -  Two Step Purification System enables purifications of two steps on two columns in one method. The transition from one to another step generally involves manual interaction and thus is time consuming. Automation by combining two methods increases the efficiency and optimizes the workflow. The quick and automated linkage of multiple chromatographic purification steps into one method eliminates manual sample handling and minimizes time spent between steps.


System features

The AZURA Bio purification -  Two Step Purification System contains a high-precision gradient pump with low pulsation and an injection unit for sample application. It is possible to apply large sample volumes with the sample pump and small samples using a sample loop. Two switching valves allow the peak of the first purification to be applied again on a second column. The column switching valve can be used to conveniently select between 5 columns and it is also possible to reverse the flow. Selection of different wavelengths is achieved with the UV detector with a variable wavelength. The fraction collector reliably collects its purified sample into vessels of your choice from microtiter plates to bottles. The stainless steel free FPLC system can be operated with both buffer and selected solvents. Control your runs with the easy-to-use FPLC software PurityChrom®. The software includes prebuilt methods that can be easily adapted to changes in the column volume. The visualization combines a clear visualization of the flow path with an intuitive device control.


Key Features

Technical Data

System specification

Purification efficient, automated
Application suitable for all
Gradient Yes
Flow rate 50 ml/min

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