Scale up Bio Purification System with automatic buffer blending

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Article No.: A49014
Articlename: AZURA® Bio Pilot purification 100 LPG

Scale up Bio Purification System with automatic buffer blending

AZURA Pilot FPLC system for scale-up and process applications

AZURA Bio Pilot purification 100 was designed for scale-up and process applications in laboratory scale. The AZURA Pilot FPLC system is optimized for the purification of milligram to gram samples. All system modules can be freely exchanged and further ones can be added optionally, to find the best configuration for each purification task. The system proposal consists of a biocompatible buffer pump equipped with the possibility to perform an accurate binary or ternary gradient using the attached LPG valve block. Monitor your gradient over the whole run using the conductivity monitor. Inject your sample via the buffer pump and the integrated injection valve. The wavelength to detect your sample is freely selectable. The fraction collector collects your purified fractions reliably. The system is controlled via user friendly FPLC software PurityChrom ®. This software offers a high flexibility in method development and provides you with complete control over your run. The system is designed for 1/16’’ capillaries an on request in 1/8’’.

Technical Data

System specification

Purification complex, challenging
Application suitable for all
Gradient Yes
Flow rate 100 ml/min

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