Low Pressure Gradient UHPLC System with High-End Diode Array Detector

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Article No.: A46011
Articlename: AZURA UHPLC System

Low Pressure Gradient UHPLC System with High-End Diode Array Detector

The perfect system for your every day UHPLC task

This UHPLC system consisting of an LPG pump, an autosampler, a column thermostat, and a diode array detector meets all the requirements of a modern UHPLC system. Whether as a system for developing a method or as a reliable system for routine analysis. With the 1000 bar AZURA UHLPC system this is not a problem.

The AZURA P 6.1L pump with LPG configuration has a new LPG valve for precise mixing efficiency. The integrated degasser prevents air bubbles in the system. A mixing chamber is mounted on each AZURA P 6.1L. This can be adapted to the respective application as required.

The diode array detector AZURA DAD 6.1L covers all conceivable applications with a spectral range of 190-1000 nm. With its novel light path and optimized flow cells, it is one of the most powerful devices on the market. The optimized temperature of the optical bench significantly minimizes signal drift. Lamps and flow cells can be easily replaced without dismantling the system. A wide selection of flow cells allows easy adaptation of the AZURA DAD 6.1L to your needs.

With an injection range of 0.1 - 5000 µl, the AZURA AS 6.1L autosampler offers maximum flexibility. Standard vials and microtiter plates can be used as sample vessels. This results in a total capacity of 768 samples or 108 sample vials.

The column thermostat AZURA CT 2.1 is the ideal solution for correct column temperature control. The built-in Peltier element allows exact temperature control. With a temperature range of 5-85°C, the AZURA CT 2.1 is ideal for all LC applications.


Key features

  • Complete gradient analytical UHPLC system
  • Diode Array Detector
  • Pump unit with pressure sensor for a low pulsation eluent supply (max. 1000 bar)
  • AZURA Mobile Control unit allows direct control of all integrated modules
  • Complete software package ClarityChrom
  • AZURA Mobile Control for maintenance and diagnostics
  • Leakage management system
  • PC with monitor

Technical Data

Analytical system

Application area UHPLC
Pump system Gradient
Gradient Quarternary LPG
Injection Autosampler
Detector Diode array detection DAD
Software Mobile Control, ClarityChrom
Pressure 1000 bar
Column thermostat Yes

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