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Article No.: 752102112
Articlename: AZURA® Prep Pilot LC 100 LPG

AZURA Prep Pilot LC system, low pressure gradient

Preparative ternary gradient system with 100 ml/min max. flow rate at up to 400 bar

The AZURA® Pilot LC 100 System offers the best conditions for transferring separations from the analytical to the preparative scale. Whether it is simple analysis or purification with 30 mm diameter columns, the Pilot LC 100 System has been designed for a wide range of requirements.
System components

The system features an AZURA® P 2.1L pump with a maximum flow rate of 100 ml/min. At this flow rate it is possible to purify large sample sizes up to 70 g per day. The injection is carried out via the automatic injection valve installed in the assistant. Thanks to the KNAUER VariLoop, up to 40 ml sample solution can be injected at once or step by step without any dilution. The system is completed by a UV detector and a 16-port fractionation valve, which are also housed in the assistant. This compact and powerful system is controlled by our user-friendly software PurityChrom®. The low pressure gradient module (NDG module) allows operation in both ternary and binary modes. In binary mode, samples can be fed directly to the column via one channel of the NDG module. This allows the system pump to be used simultaneously as a sample pump and very large sample quantities can be applied in an automated manner without any problems.

Injection with VariLoop

The KNAUER VariLoop is the optimal solution if medium to large sample sizes are to be applied to the column. The VariLoop can be filled completely or partially, as well as completely or partially emptied. This allows very flexible and automated work and the easy exchange between different sample volumes. A constant and reproducible result is achieved for each sample volume. In contrast to all other methods for the injection of large sample volumes, the

KNAUER VariLoop allows a nearly lossless sample application.

Technical Data

System specification

System type Pilot
Max. flow rate 100 ml/min
Gradient lpg
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 5800 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 400 bar
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 40 MPa
Detector Variable single wavelength detection UV/VIS
Injection automatic injection
Software PurityChrom

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