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Article No.: A48008
Articlename: AZURA Prep Lab LC 50 HPG

AZURA Prep Lab LC system, high pressure gradient

Automated binary semipreparative system with a maximum flow rate of 50 ml/min

The AZURA Lab Prep LC 50 HPG system with 50 ml pump head is a completely automated semi-preparative high pressure gradient HPLC system. The system consists of an Autosampler 6.1L, Pump P 6.1L, a Detector UVD 2.1L, Fraction Collector Foxy R2 and comes with an eluent tray for safe storage of up to six bottles. The Autosampler 6.1L can inject from up to 768 positions when equipped with microtiter plates (either high or low formats) or from up to 108 standard 2 ml sample vials. The pump can deliver flow in the range of 0.01 – 50 mL/min at pressures up to 300 bar. The AZURA Binary Pump contains two identical high pressure pumps (300 bar), 2 × 2-channel inlet solvent selection valve and the newly developed AZURA mixer, a low-volume mixing device. The Foxy R1 fraction collector is ideal for applications including prep HPLC, protein, and peptide purifications. The column can be attached anywhere to the system via the magnetic clip. Solvent bottles can be stored in an eluent tray on top of the system. A leak sensor, capillary guides as well as a tablet with Mobile Control are features rarely found in other preparative HPLC systems. Modern design with completely demountable fronts turn the system into a visual highlight. The stackable elements of AZURA allow to create complex system solutions requiring only a minimum of space.

Technical Data

System specification

System type Lab
Max. flow rate 50 ml/min
Gradient hpg
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 2180 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 150 bar
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 15 MPa
Detector Variable single wavelength detection UV/VIS
Injection automatic injection
Fractionation Foxy R1
Software PurityChrom

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