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Article No.: AAA10AA
Articlename: Autosampler AS 6.1L

High pressure analytical HPLC Autosampler

standard version of a fast and very versatile analytical HPLC autosampler, 1240 bar, 0.1-5000 µl injection volume

The Autosampler AS 6.1L can inject from up to 768 positions when equipped with microtiter plates (either high or low formats) or from up to 108 standard 1.5 ml sample vials. Sample carryover is significantly minimized thanks to a highly-effective interior and exterior needle wash procedure. This autosampler is also fast and flexible: one complete sample injection cycle takes less than one minute, including needle wash. Three different injection modes are supported; “full loop filling” (highest precision and reproducibility), “partial loop filling” (variable volumes, e.g. for dilution series) and “µl pickup” (loss-free injection of extremely small sample volumes), allowing the user to optimize sample usage. The headspace pressure function prevents bubbles from forming in the vial during sample uptake. Precolumn derivatization is supported. For high-pressure injections of up to 1240 bar, the autosampler is equipped with a so-called ILD™ valve (Intermediate Loop Decompression). This valve consists of a rotor-stator combination and includes a central port for depressurizing. For highpressure applications, the sample loop is depressurized prior to receiving the sample. This way, the sample is not diluted with solvent. Because the valve is switched extremely fast, pressure spikes are reduced. Analyses are more precise and wear of the column is reduced.

Key Features

Technical Data

Sample injection

Autosampler Flow Path Analytical
Maximum back pressure 1240 bar
Vial/plate dimensions well plate dimensions according to ANSI SLAS 4-2004 (formerly ANSI/SBS 4-2004)
max. plate/vial height: 47 mm (incl. septa or capmat)
Injection volume range 0.1 µl–10 ml depending on sample loop
Sample loop 10 µl
Dispenser syringe 250 µl
Headspace pressure built-in compressor, only for sample vials with septum
Switching time inj. valve < 100 ms
Piercing needle precision ± 0.6 mm
Sample tray cooling None
Vial detection missing vial/well plate detection by sensor
Needle wash programmable: wash between injections and wash between vials
Wetted materials Tefzel® (ETFE), Glass, Teflon® (PTFE), Kel-F® (PCTFE), stainless steel, PEEK

Analytical performance

Injection modes full loop filling, partial loop filling and microliter pickup
Injection accuracy 0.2 µl for 250 µl injection syringe
Injection precision RSD (Rel. Standard Deviation): full loop injection: < 0.3 %, partial loop injection at volumes > 5 µl: < 0.5 %, microliter pickup injection at volumes > 5 µl: < 1.0 %
Sample carryover < 0.0015 % for partial loop (chlorhexidine); < 0.0003 % with extended needle wash (s. Technical Note VTN0004)
Injections per vial max. 9 injections
Injection cycle time minimum 7 s from the same vial, 14 s from different vials; < 60 s for > 100 µl sample injection in all injection modes, incl. 300 µl needle wash
Analysis time max. 9 h, 59 min, 59 s


Inputs 2 programmable TTL inputs (next injection, freeze, stop)
Outputs 1 programmable relay output (inject marker, auxiliary, alarm)
Control Ethernet (LAN)
Interfaces LAN, analog

Technical parameters

Ambient conditions temperature range: 10–40 °C; 50–104 °F air humidity: 20–80%


Power supply 95–240 V AC
Dimensions 364 x 379 x 567 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 28 kg

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