The LH 2.1 - The liquid handler to expand your LC purification

The power of an Autosampler and a Fraction Collector in one device. 

KNAUER’s new Liquid Handler LH 2.1 allows for the expansion of purification processes with the ability to combine sample injection and fraction collection in one device. A high capacity of sample and fraction vessels meets a flexible arrangement facilitating reinjection of samples to reach new levels of purification. The handler injects samples with minimal loss regardless of their volume – perfect for working with expensive compounds.

  • Combine sample injection and fraction collection
  • Inject small and large sample volumes with minimal loss
  • Expand your vessel capacities
  • Flexible arrangement of samples and fractions
  • Reinject collected fractions to reach new levels of purity

LH 2.1 presented in less than 4 minutes 

Liquid Handler LH 2.1 configuration - A5080 

75 cm x 30 cm working area
12.5 ml dispenser syringe
4 wash solvents

Low-loss sample injection:
Don't waste a drop

Do you work with expensive samples where every drop counts?
Then the Liquid Handler LH 2.1 is perfect for you. 

The Liquid Handler LH 2.1 is able to replace the volume between needle and injection valve, the dead volume, with aspirated air or sandwich solution to avoid sample loss during injection.
Furthermore, the injection process can be adopted to the viscosity of the samples. The syringe speed as well as a delay time, for which the needle will wait in the sample solution before injection procedure is continued, can be customized.
Sensitive samples can be protected using the sandwich injection mode by packing the sample between two segments of a freely selectable sandwich solution.

Non-stop purification:                            Keep the process going with 1,400+ vessels

The LH 2.1 Liquid Handler can hold up to 1,440 vessels at once, allowing you to keep your sample collection or autosampling process flowing without interruption.  

The high capacity of 5 KNAUER racks enables the purification of a huge number of samples without interruptions. Using 96-well plates for the whole area results in 1440 samples or fractions that could be managed in the Liquid Handler LH 2.1. Because sample and fraction positions can be taught, you are free to choose different racks and expand your purification process further.
Maximum vessel capacity

  15x micro titer well plates (1440 wells) - A50801
810x 2 ml tubes - A50802
490x 15 ml tubes - A50803
160x 50 ml tubes - A50804

Highly flexible: freely configure the work area for samples and fractions /
choose out of 4 wash solutions

A great lab companion for scientists working on complex,
or custom methods, or with samples of varying solubility.

The racks can be arbitrarily assigned to the autosampler or fraction collection function or both. This allows the work area to be configured according to the number of samples and fractions required for the individual purification task. You can also use your own racks by teaching the liquid handler the desired rack coordinates. 
You also have flexibility when washing the needle by choosing between four different rinsing solutions. 

Sample re-injection:                                reach a new level of purity

The Liquid Handler LH 2.1 can re-inject purified samples to apply additional purification steps –
for even higher purity.

A rack could be assigned to the autosampler and to fraction collector function of the Liquid Handler LH 2.1 simultaneously enabling the re-injection of collected fractions and thus, a second purification step of them.

Software Support: PurityChrom 5 and Chromeleon 7.2

The functions of the liquid handler are supported in the two software packages PurityChrom 5 and Chromeleon 7.2. For configuration of the LH 2.1 in PurityChrom 5, a seperated Configuration Tool is used while Chromeleon 7.2 fully supports the configuration of the device. Chromeleon 7.2 additionally supports changing of some of these parameters even in a method.

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