Compact preparative HPLC system

The AZURA® Prep Compact System is the perfect introduction to preparative chromatography. With the complete, semi-preparative HPLC system you master your isocratic purification tasks.

One manual injection can purify several hundred mg at up to 50 ml/min. Detection takes place via a universal UV/VIS detector. The intuitive preparative software PurityChrom controls the compact system and regulates the fraction collection via a 12-port fractionating valve. Thanks to its compact design, the AZURA Prep Compact system finds its place in every laboratory.

Preparative Isolation of Piperine from Black Pepper Extracts

Find out how AZURA preparative HPLC systems work together hand in hand in one whole process of the method development, purification and purity control of Piperine from black pepper extracts.
Black pepper (piper nigrum) is a widely used hot spice. Furthermore it is used in the traditional medicine1 . Piperine is the main compound leading to bioactivity of black and white pepper. His pungency has been estimated as 100000-200000 Scoville Unit. Piperine is an alkaloid and it is the carboxamide of Piperic acid and Piperidine. It shows low solubility in water, but ethanol and other organic solvent are suitable for solving this substance. In recent decades, Piperine came into the focus of pharmaceutical research. It has antibacterial , antioxidant , anti-inflammatory , antiarthritic and other effects. The most interesting point is that Piperine increases the bioavailability of a number of therapeutic drugs as well as phytochemicals.

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Upgrading has never been so easy with the new AZURA Prep


Upgrade from Compact to Pilot

After starting preparative chromatography with the space-saving prep system, the requirements for your purification tasks can quickly increase. The existing Compact System (50 ml/min) can be expanded to a Pilot System (220 ml/min) by investing in a fraction collector and a preparative pump. All components of the Compact System are fully integrated into the Pilot System.

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Get now the compact semi-preparative isocratic HPLC System for a very special price.
Suitable for precise analysis and a good separation - and thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, the system fits even onto the smallest laboratory bench!

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