All-in-one FPLC system

The biocompatible and metal-free AZURA Bio Lab System is well suited for all gradient methods like ion exchange (IEC), hydrophic interaction (HIC) and reversed phase (RP) chromatography.
Isocratic methods like size exclusion (SEC) and affinity chromatograpy (AC) are as well supported.
AZURA Bio Lab System is the ideal system for your protein purification task. A complete solution for FPLC on a small footprint, combining flexibility and reliability.

AZURA® Bio purification: You choose the method

  • Ion-Exchange (IEX)
  • Size Exclusion (SEC)
  • Affinity (AC)
  • Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC)
  • Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IEX)

    Ion exchange chromatography (IEC) is a popular technique in protein purification. Ion exchange chromatography separates molecules based on the overall charge of the protein. The proteins of interest have a charge opposite to that of the resin. In the case of cation exchange chromatography, proteins have an overall positive charge while binding to a cation exchanger (see image).
    The initial binding takes place under low ionic strength conditions. Elution is achieved by a salt gradient. By increasing the salt concentration proteins with a weak positive charge elute first, while at higher salt concentrations proteins with a strong positive charge elute later. Ion exchange chromatography is frequently used for protein purification. A precise gradient formation is here one important parameter for a successful separation of proteins. AZURA Bio Lab System supports all gradient methods including ion exchange chromatography.

  • Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

    Separate according to size. AZURA Compact SEC systems take over time-consuming SEC methods in your lab without blocking your valuable FPLC system. Thanks to its compact design and intuitive FPLC software PurityChrom®, the system offers outstanding performance and ease of use. Pre-designed methods are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume. AZURA Compact SEC supports all columns available on the market.

  • Affinity Chromatography (AC)

    Specific binding of protein of interest. The AZURA Compact AC system qualifies for fast and reliable affinity chromatography. Select your sample, your washing and elution buffer using the selection valve. Your proteins of interest are detected by UV and automatically collected via the fractionation valve. 

  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC)

    Separation is performed based on hydrophobic interaction and gradient elution.

Separation of three model proteins by a salt gradient 

Chromatogram of the separation of three model proteins with cation exchange chromatography
Blue line: UV 280 nm signal
Red line: conductivity signal
1) peak containing α-Chymotrypsinogen A,
2) peak containing Cytochrome C
3) peak containing Lysozyme

FPLC system requirements

  • System data
  • Pump
  • Detector
  • Conductivity Monitor
  • FPLC system features

    • High pressure gradient pump (50 ml/min), metal-free wetted-parts
    • Fraction collector
    • Injection valve incl. 500 μl sample loop
    • UV detector with variable wavelength and conductivity monitor
    • Compatible with all common columns and FPLC methods
    • Intuitive PurityChrom® software

    View system

  • AZURA P 6.1L High Pressure Pump with 50 ml pump head, Ceramic, without Degasser

    Max. flow rate: 50 ml/min
    Flow rate range: 0.001–50 ml/min
    Flow rate increment: 0.001 ml/min
    Maximum delivery pressure: 2900 psi / 200 bar / 20 MPa
    Pressure range: 50 ml pump head ceramic recommended (continuous) 
    Pump head materials: Ceramic
    Gradient: High pressure gradient (quaternary)

    View pump

    AZURA Pump P 6.1L

  • AZURA Detector UVD 2.1S

    Detector type: Small variable single wavelength
    Operation area: FPLC, preparative HPLC, analytical HPLC/UHPLC
    Detection channels: 1
    Light source:  Deuterium (D2) lamp with integrated GLP chip
    Wavelength range: 190–500 nm
    Spectral bandwidth:  13 nm at Hα line (FWHM)

    View detector

    AZURA UVD 2.1S detector

  • Conductivity Monitor

    Measurement accuracy: 

    • Temperature sensor accuracy: ±1.0 °C;
    • Conductivity accuracy: <5 % full scale end value
    • pH accuracy: ±0.5 pH in temperature range of 4–25 °C

    Measurement precision: Conductvity precision measured in range 0.1–300 mS/cm: <2 % of end value or ≤5 mS/cm of higher values pH precision ±0.2 pH in temperature range 4–25°C
    Measurement range:  0.1–999 mS/cm
    pH measurement:  2–12
    Maximum data rate: 5 Hz
    Flow cell: 10 ml or 100 ml

    View conductivity monitor

    AZURA CM 2.1S

Special system offer

A special FPLC system adaptable for a wide range of purification tasks.
Suitable for all gradient methods including ion exchange chromatography - Let your application define your system solution!

We separate molecules and unite people.


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