PurityChrom MCC & MCC Plus

PurityChrom® MCC is optimized to be used with simulated moving bed chromatography systems (SMB).The SMB parameter wizard helps you to generate new SMB methods and optimize your parameters while the process is running. With the integrated starting point calculator, you can easily generate your SMB method with the adsorption isotherms of your substances.

PurityChrom® MCC Plus is a powerful software enabling the control of an enhanced number of devices in one LC system. Up to 8 isocratic pumps, 8 flowmeters, 4 single-wavelength UV detectors complemented by one single-wavelength UV detector, and 4 conductivity monitors can be controlled in one system. Accordingly, PurityChrom MCC Plus can run extended purification systems while maintaining a quick overview about the whole system and many options to interfere in processes manually as known from all other PurityChrom packages as well.

Both software packages offer:

  • Free updates
  • ​​​​​Free and unlimited number of offline licenses
  • 21 CFR part 11 certification

The variety of PurityChrom MCC (Plus) 

in three exemplary fields of application

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