HPLC and UHPLC Detectors & flow cells

KNAUER gives you the opportunity to analyze nearly every compound due to a large portfolio of HPLC detectors. For the achievement of your analysis goals and for matching your separation scale, our HPLC detectors are flexible in the setup, including flow cells, fiber optics and nebulizers. With an outstanding sensitivity, stability and usability KNAUER HPLC detectors gives you everything you need for your everyday challenges. HPLC detectors made by KNAUER can be integrated into nearly every HPLC system to match your specific requirements and can be operated with a broad range of software packages.

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Sensitive UV/VIS detectors

We provide a choice of UV/VIS detectors, ranging from single variable wavelength to 8-channel diode array detector with LightGuide total reflection technology.
The AZURA DAD 6.1L is equipped with revolutionary KNAUER Polka-Dot technology providing maximum light intensity and low noise over the whole UV/VIS spectrum. This technology provides more light than previous shine-through lamp configurations.

Both AZURA diode array detectors DAD 6.1L and DAD 2.1L provide high spectral resolution enabling optimized identification and sample characterization.
Accessible frontal lamp and flow cell exchange
Sensitive LightGuide flow cells and Polka-Dot technology
Flexible wide flow cell range for high application versatility
Robust intelligent temperature control for minimal drift

Wavelength range (nm)

190 –500

190 –750

190 –700

190 –700

190 –1000


UVD 2.1S

UVD 2.1L

MWD 2.1L

DAD 2.1L

DAD 6.1L


Compact and versatile UV detector

Reliable UV/VIS detector for a wide spectrum of applications

Robust multichannel UV/VIS detector

Versatility through a wide flow cell range

High-end diode array detector with outstanding performance

Channels 1 1 8 8 8
3D data acquisition       + +
Data acquisition rate 50 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz
Fiber optics available + + + + +
LightGuide flow cells     + + +
PressureProof flow cells     + + +
Biocompatible versions + + + + +

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Remote HPLC detection

KNAUER fiber optic technology offers the possibility to separate the flow cell spatially from the detector via fiber optic cables in a distance up to 10 meters. This enables the measurement of UV/ VIS absorption in flow-through mode remotely from the detector.

Fiber optics enable the flow cell to be located very close to the column, minimizing peak broadening.

The UV nano flow cell with fiber optics technology from KNAUER received the Best of Industry award 2017.

Remote flow cells with fiber optic connectors

Mass Spectrometry solution out of the box

Chip-based single quadrupole mass spectrometer

The 4000 MiD is a miniaturized chipbased single quadrupole mass spectrometer suitable for a broad range of applications.
An integrated oil-free pump system enables a small footprint and thereby the installation of this detector nearly everywhere.

Refractive Index Detector Kit That Fits

Detection of small amounts of dissolved compounds with little or no absorption in the UV/V is spectral range represents an analytical challenge even today. The differential refractometer is an established work-horse for the detection of alcohols, sugars, lipids or polymers in HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and GPC (gel permeation chromatography).

No chromophor? No problem.
MEET the AZURA RI Detector 2.1L

our refractive index detectors

A wide range of third-party detectors can be seamlessly integrated into AZURA analytical systems

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