Which safety caps and bottles do I need for my AZURA HPLC system?

You decide! Either you order a preconfigured Safety caps kit for your AZURA system that includes everything you need, or you choose to order items separately to stay most flexible.
The eluent waste kit can be ordered separately but is already included in the predefined analytical kits.


Kit for AZURA Analytical Order No.
Isocratic systems A59257
HPG and LPG systems A59257-1
Eluent waste kit for all systems A59258
Kit for AZURA Preparative  
Safety Caps set prep for one eluent channel A59259
Eluent waste kit for preparative systems A59259-1

AZURA Analytical AZURA Preparative
Recommended products   Order No. LPG/HPG Isocratic Isocratic HPG
Eluent Safety Cap analytical, 2 ports for 1/8" tubing, incl. Fittings A59260 4 1    
Eluent Safety Cap preparative, 2 ports for 1/4" tubing, incl. Fittings A59261     1 2
Eluent Safety Cap Waste, 2 ports, 1 connector for AS tubing. incl nuts and ferrules without filter A59262 1 1 1 1
Waste Filter for Eluent Safety Cap A59264 1 1 1 1
1 L eluent supply bottle A59172 4 1    
Waste can 2.5 L A59173 1 1 1 1
2 L eluent supply bottle   A59158-1     1 2
250 ml bottle for piston backflushing A2056 1 1 1 1

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