KNAUER K-Connect Start up kits for AZURA Analytical systems

K-Connect capillaries are flexible stainless steel capillaries with 1/16" sleeves at the ends for easy installation to any standard analytical HPLC port. Capillaries are precut so that they can be easily installed without any adaptions.

Article number Color code ID [mm] Recommended for system Recommended for column ID [mm]
AZF40 red 0.10 UHPLC 2
AZF50 yellow 0.18 HPLC Plus/classical HPLC 3, 4, 4.6, 8
AZF60 black 0.45 Semi preparative HPLC/Compact system 8, 16
AZF80 red/yellow 0.10/0.18 UHPLC/HPLC Plus 2, 3, 4, 4.6

Standard stainless steel Start-up kits

These kits consist of standard capillaries, bushings and ferulles. Please note that you might most often need to cut the capillaries in the length that you need and that the required cutting tools have to be ordered separately. 
If you would like to use flexible precut capillaries, please choose one of the K-Connect Srat up kits above.

Article number OD ID [mm] length [mm] Recommended for system
A9849 1/16" 0,25 300 cm, not pre cut HPLC Plus/classical HPLC
A9849-1 1/16" 0,7 300 cm, not pre cut semi-prep for 50/100 ml/min
A9850 1/8" 2,2 2 x 150 cm preparative systems
A9850-1 1/16" 0,25/0,5/0,7 300 mm Scale-up system
A9850-2 1/4" diverse diverse preparative HPG systems with a flow rate up to 1000 ml/min
A9850-3 1/4" diverse diverse preparative LPG systems with a flow rate up to 1000 ml/min

PEEK and Polymer Start-up kits for FPLC

Article number OD ID [mm] Material Recommended for system
A70500 1/16" 0,5 PEEK 10 ml/min FPLC systems
A70500A 1/16" 1,5 FEP, transparent FPLC systems up to 10 ml/min and 20 bar
A70600 1/16" 0,7 PEEK/Tefzel 50 ml/min FPLC systems
A70300 1/8" 2,1 FEP/PEEK 100 ml/min - 500 ml/min FPLC systems
A70300A 1/8" 1,59 PEEK 100 ml/min - 500 ml/min FPLC systems
A70300B 1/16" 1 PEEK FPLC systems up to 100 ml/min
A70400 1/4" / 1/8" 4,75 / 2,1 PTFE/FEP 1000 ml/min FPLC systems

Start-up kits for special HPLC systems

Dedicated Start up kits for special HPLC systems include anything you need for system build-up.

Article number OD ID [mm] Material Recommended for system
A50041 1/16" / 1/8" 0.7 / 1.5 ETFE, PTFE, stainless steel AZURA GPC Cleanup system
A9850-1 1/16" 0.25/0.5/0.7 stainless steel Scale-up system
A9849-2 1/16" 0.25 stainless steel AZURA Educational system
A70501 1/16" 0.25/0.18 PEEK AZURA Analytical metal free (up to 5 ml/min or 300 bar)
A70502 1/16" 0.13/0.18 PEEK AZURA Analytical systems with ECD 2.1

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