We are not satisfied with “good-enough”

It’s most important that a lab solution works well and reliably. If there is a way to reach the goal more efficiently and make life easier for the user, our hearts beat faster. The latest example of such an optimization is our Two Step Purification System, which we have been able to simplify, improve and reduce costs thanks to the new multi-injection valve.

Let's simplify!
Two Step Purification system (FPLC) 

The multi-injection valve is highly versatile and hence gives you the opportunity to slim down more complex systems e.g. the Two Step Purification system, while even improving the systems performance. Instead of needing a total of five valves in the Two-step purification system, the new injection valve can replace three valves without losing functionality.

Compare the flow charts of the old system with the new one.

System comparison

Check the image left for a comparison of the old system (left) and the revised system featuring the new multi-injection valve (right).


  • Reduced system size
  • Less complexity (hardware/software)
  • Reduced dead volume
  • More competitive system price

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