10 ml KNAUER VariLoop S for 1/16" tubings

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Article No.: A1054-2
Articlename: 10 ml KNAUER VariLoop S for 1/16" tubings

10 ml KNAUER VariLoop S for 1/16" tubings

10 ml Multiple Injection Loop, stainless steel, 1/16"

The KNAUER VariLoops are the perfect solution for the injection of medium up to high sample volumes. The sample loop can be emptied completely or partially as well as filled completely or partially. This allows you to work very flexible and easily switch between different sample sizes while keeping constant and reproducible injection volumes for every sample size.



The unique movable piston prevents the sample and the eluent to be mixed during the injection process and protects your highly concentrated sample from dilution. The integrated pressure valve allows you to flush the piston completely without getting a pressure peak. Additional to this, the column can be feeded with the system pump and the systemflowrate, so this will extend the life time of the column considerably.


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