Two-step purification with a sample pump set up

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Two-step purification with a sample pump set up


Two step purification is a special multicolumn chromatography solution. Two independent methods, each with their associated specific column, are used to realize the purification of the target molecule without manual interference. The principle here is that the protein sample is applied on the first column. During elution of the protein, the protein peak is detected triggering the collection of the eluted protein in a storage loop or storage vessel/container. The protein is then automatically applied on the second column to further enhance the quality and or purity of the purified protein. Several system set ups can be used to automate the purification. In the third section of the three-part guide a two step purification with the sample pump set up is discussed.

Technische Daten


Methode FPLC
Modus IEC
Schlüsselwörter Two step purification, purification, protein purification, biochromatography, guide, sample pump set up
Version Version 1 / 01/2021

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